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This is what we handle

Eliminating fraud is a must, yet all successful marketplaces know it’s not enough. Success is built on three pillars – trust, content quality, and user experience.
That´s why we manage a broad range of content challenges.



2% of users are facing fraudulent content, and we must protect our users from getting hunt down by frauds, scams, and phishing content.



75% of users come across duplicate content while surfing the internet. Improvement should be made in the onsite SEO and anti-duplication. Quality of Content:


Quality of Content:

Images and videos should be of high quality so that the user finds them appealing and lure them to keep staying on the website.



The substance and pictures ought to be suitable, and the site ought to be planned such that it keeps the client from seeing express and unseemly substance.



Because of the web and innovation, the world has become a worldwide town, and there are some pessimistic effects on individuals’ lives, alongside a positive one. Numerous individuals have quit utilizing on the web stages because of badgering, tormenting, despise discourses, and so on. So this must be stayed away from



Counterfeits are consistently one of the top 3 items we reject. We try to improve user experience and avoid lawsuits by removing fake products and scam content from your site.