Fees and Billing

How to optimize the fee billing process?

For a fund to compete with the many options available to investors today and to comply with investor’s transparency and information requirements, it’s essential to maintain a streamlined and accurate billing process. The most common way to achieve this is through the implementation and use of existing asset management billing software that automates the process and includes an additional layer of control on top.

 When looking for institutional fee billing software, ideally, you want to find an application that provides:

  • Minimized costs and risks through a fully automated process with the ability to catch and correct data discrepancies.
  • A highly scalable solution – able to grow with your assets and investor base.
  • A highly accurate billing and invoicing process that seamlessly integrates with the general ledger.
  • By implementing a software solution that removes the risks, reduces costs, and expedites the billing process, fund managers can spend their time maximizing financial returns and not dealing with ongoing billing and fee coordination processes.

Salient Features:

Ensure revenue integrity: Timely and comprehensive client billing helps improve revenue management and cash flow, which can translate to a positive impact on the bottom line.

Improve operational efficiency: Streamlining and automating billing processes assists in shorter billing cycles and faster fee collection.

Increase transparency of client billing: Accurately calculated fees are presented clearly and concisely through automatically generated invoices.

Deliver greater control: Manual processes are replaced by an integrated solution meeting audit and best-practice requirements and complying with industry regulations.

Produce detailed reports: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) enables you to run operational and revenue management reports while filtering, sorting, and saving the output in a range of format options. Data cube reporting provides invoice transparency by drilling down on invoice details, facilitating invoice reconciliation, and research work.