Multilingual Customer Support Services

Are You Ready To Outsource?

Our Multilingual Customer Support Services include

Outbound support

We provide  outbound support to our valued customers to provide efficient services to your customers.

Tech support

The productive team of QAS preserves the productivity of users by troubleshooting some minor technical issues of a network, software, or hardware.

Email support

Email is the most continent method of communicating professionally. We understand the needs of customers and provide quality Email support to convey important messages or to resolve issues of your customers.

Cross-selling and upselling

Call center executives are experts in identifying customer needs and sell them similar products to meet their needs.

Live chat support

We provide the facility of live chat, as well. We promote your products and services by directly communicating with your customers.

Inbound support

We provide the facility for resolving customers’ queries in a timely and efficient manner by our efficient Our inbound customer service.

Order management services

Efficient order management services result in increased sales, cost reduction, and maximum customer satisfaction. We provide these quality services to our customers as well.

Phone-call answering services

We possess very interactive customer support that follows the timelines and provides efficient call answering services to answer the queries of your customers.

Telemarketing services

The motive of our telemarketing services is to help the businesses reach their potential customers and provide comprehensive information about the services and products you offer.