Non Voice Services

The world is fast, and everyone is busy. We need to analyze that the customers are busy and are unable to take out the time to make a phone call. We understand the requirement of the customers and offer you a solution to this problem by providing non-voice services.
We know that there is a dire need for a textual service to be provided by your company to the clients, and we provide you with services like emails, live chats, and social media inquiries. We connect you with your valued customers to make them feel special and to understand their expectations, needs, and demands.
The non-voice services provide you with this opportunity and give the business a slight personal touch. QAS group offers you the very appropriate, quick, and expedient replying and support services for email queries, live chat messages, and social media esquires along with efficient email marketing services to guide customers at every touch-point.

We provide you with the option to choose our non-voice support services that suits you and meet your needs. We provide you the most convenient and fast communication with a better customer engagement rate. It ensures the engagement of customers with your service or product.

Business Process Outsourcing Non-Voice

In the Business Process Outsourcing or BPO industry, non-voice forms really involve exercises like email showcasing, making reports, preparing papers just as a few different exercises where the specialists are not required to address customers/clients. At QAS Group inc we train our delegates for the non-voice forms by sustaining their different aptitudes separated from discourse abilities. Our operators are specialists at composed correspondence and we center around being comprehended by your clients through talk and email.

Exchange handling, email backing, and talk support are given by profoundly effective specialists of QAS Group. Combination operators realize how to get a thought clear to the clients and resolve all client issues through an email message or a visit message. Our non-voice forms are as financially savvy and effective as our voice forms; we have structured our administrations to comply with your time constraints.