Mortgage Documentation & Settlement

QAS provides core mortgage production and settlement services including mortgage document preparation and pre and post settlements services.

Pivotal to the successful delivery of these services is our leading-edge IT and workflow management systems which are highly secure, advanced and automated. Our systems are what ensures compliance with any of your service standards. It is also what ensures accuracy, quality, and consistency in everything we do and in every document we create.

MSA National has a browser-based, loan-tracking tool called Loantrak designed for use by MSA National clients and their key referrers. It creates a collaborative internet-based working environment where MSA National, Funders and Originators can share information, set workflows and jointly determine matter outcomes.

Loantrak is a fully integrated realtime system that is linked to our workflow management system. It provides an online forum for sharing information, making decisions and communicating effectively.

At the heart of our philosophy is the transparency of data and effective communication. This tool is vital in ensuring that you know the progress of your deals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are no special software requirements to use Loantrak, all you need is internet access and a web browser.

One Point of Contact

We offer a single point of contact for high-level relationship management and a single national IT platform to make dealing with us quick and easy. This ensures service consistency across all customer touchpoints, especially mortgage documentation templates.

We Connect Nationally but Operate Locally

We have operational offices supervised by an MSA National Directors in each State. This ensures that we think nationally but act locally. It enables us to offer vital local operational support, such as the urgent collection of documents. We do not outsource any part of the process. We do not use offshore services. We employ local staff in each State.

Customer/Broker Experience

Mortgage Documents and processes are tailored for the customer (and broker) experience. Everything we do is about how the customer feels. Happy customers = happy brokers. Our interactions, whether by letter or by phone, is on a level that is friendly, easy to understand and always professional.

Speed to Market

We offer a management team that is experienced at transitioning new clients and new processes. This ensures speed to market. We can go as fast as you need us to. We can upsize our operations quickly because we have an infrastructure that is scalable and robust.

Proven Track Record

We are highly regarded, with over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry. We are known for quality service at a competitive price.

Technology – Single Platform Nationally

Our IT and workflow management systems are highly secure, advanced, automated and can be tailored to your requirements. We successfully utilize XML technology to achieve straight-through processing with our clients. Our systems are client-specific and customized around agreed SLA’s. It ensures accuracy, quality, and consistency in everything we do and in every document we create. Most of all it provides transparency.